Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Time to call time for the moment

Apologies to those of you who have started following this blog but I'm finding it hard to keep up in addition to my other commitments so afraid it'll have to be put on hold for the moment.

I'll try and put up the occasional post about drink on The Frugal Cook and you can read my thoughts on food and wine pairing and beer and food matching on www.matchingfoodandwine.com
and on Twitter.

And, who knows, maybe I'll pick it up again in a month or two . . .

Bye for now!


  1. A blog should not become a slog - although I was enjoying reading yours. The article I mentioned by the way: http://www.foodepedia.co.uk/articles/2009/feb/To_Your_Hearts_Content.htm

  2. Not so much a slog, Douglas, as possibly one blog too many ;-) But thanks for you interest and the link

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  4. Time for a resumption, Fiona?

    The Credit Crunch has not gone away and we imbibers need your expert advice.