Saturday, January 24, 2009

A good weekend to buy whisky

One of the new rules of supermarket shopping is to buy what everyone else wants - or what the supermarkets think they want. Those are the things on which there are the best deals.

In case it's escaped your notice tomorrow night is Burns' Night so the special offers this weekend are on on haggis, swedes and whisky of which the latter is by far the most appealing.

I've just spotted Grants, a perfectly decent brand on sale at Somerfield* for £10.49. Tesco, according to has got Bells for £11.92 instead of £13.97 (surprisingly undercut by Ocado which is only charging £11.20 for it) and Talisker for £21.93 instead of £26.93. And Sainsbury's has got Famouse Grouse for £11.

All these brands of course are quite a bit dearer than the supermarket own brand whiskies which cost as little as £7.83 for Asda Smartprice whisky. I haven't got an ASDA nearby so can't tell you if it's any good but Martin Isark of gives it 9/10. My view would be that's great for a cocktail or a toddy but if you're drinking it neat go for the Grouse - or the Talisker if the budget will run to it.

*Have just spotted on the Somerfield site that they also have Glenmorangie for £17.99 instead of £27.99, a whopping £10 discount which beats the Talisker deal. Probably not in all branches though.

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