Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A great sherry bargain

Amid the shelves of identikit bottles that now fill the average supermarket wine aisle it's incredibly exciting to come across a genuinely interesting drink: an authentic Spanish cream sherry made by the very respectable Lustau company for Sainsbury's Taste the Difference range.

Of course it's not selling otherwise why would they reduce it from £9.99 to £4.99, quite amazing for a sherry of this class and a full size bottle at that. You may, of course, be put off by the words 'cream sherry' but don't be - this is on the edge of being dry but with all that yummy squishy raisiny flavour that makes sweet sherry so delicious. It's almost like liquid fruit cake.

When to drink it? Well towards the end of or after dinner, I suggest - with blue cheese or dark chocolate or even with vanilla ice cream. There don't seem to be that many bottles left so snap it up while you can. RATING: *****

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