Friday, December 5, 2008

Credit crunch drinking

I guess the credit crunch has made us all more conscious of what we spend on wine and other drinks but if you think that cutting back means drinking dross think again. (Unless you're in the habit of drinking Krug and Ch√Ęteau Lafite, of course, in which case you probably won't need my advice ;-)

So what do I know? Well, I'm a drinks writer AND a blogger who blogs as The Frugal Cook so I've had a fair bit of experience of drinking (and eating) on a budget. In my time I've written weekly wine columns for the Daily Mail, various monthly drinks columns for glossy magazines and a spirits column for the Guardian and I've written a book on beer (with my son, Will, as it happens) I also have my own website which basically does what it says on the tin - concerns itself with matching food with wine and other drinks.

But this blog is about value for money drinking. I'll be highlighting wines, beers and other drinks that I think you might like and which will enable you to show off your bargain-spotting skills to your friends. Most, but not all, will come from supermarkets. Some will be worth picking up across the channel or looking out for in duty-free. Come along for the ride . . .

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  1. Great idea Fiona! I look forward to finding some bargains on here.