Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mulled wine for one

Most mulled wine recipes (including mine) cater for around a dozen people but if there are just a couple of you - or you're addicted to mulled wine and just want a single portion - there's a solution. Rocks, the company that makes very nice organic cordials has an organic Spiced Fruit Punch Cordial which I picked up in my local deli for £2.49 which is roughly on a par with mulled wine spice sachets but much more flexible.

You could either use it to make mulled wine using roughly 1 part mulled wine cordial to 2 parts each of wine and water (and a dash of port if you have some) or a non-alcoholic punch replacing the wine and water with apple or pomegranate juice - and leaving out the port, obviously. Popping in a slice of orange at the end provides a nice orangey twist.

I think Bottle Green makes a similar cordial so look out for them in your local deli or health food shop - or supermarket if you can face the last minute crush.

A very happy Christmas to you all!

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