Monday, December 8, 2008

A good champagne offer

The big lure in the run-up to Christmas is always the special offers on champagne but most of them leave me cold. For a start the prices from which they're discounting are so ridiculous that even 40% off is no big deal. If you're having a party and want to drink fizz there are many cheaper options about which I'll be writing shortly.

If you do want a bottle to celebrate Christmas morning or see in the New Year there is however one particularly good offer for the next two days at branches of Budgens which is selling 2002 Heidsieck Monopole for just £18.99, less than half the original purchase price. And you don't have to buy more than one bottle to get the discount.

2002 is a very good vintage and the champagne has had 6 years to mature which means it will have acquired a honeyed richness that cheaper sparkling wine simply can't match. If you've got a branch of Budgens nearby I'd snap it up.

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